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Lynette Pone
, senior market editor
When in doubt, make your shoe the statement piece.

“This roomy silhouette 
is understated and not overly sexy, but the drapey fabric and jeweled collar are unmistakably dressed up.”

Elle Strauss, senior fashion editor
The crazy sequined bag makes the whole look playful.

“I always choose a fun, bright color rather than black because it feels less serious and formal.”

Ray Siegel, digital fashion editor
The golden green shade is distinctly evening-ready.

“This dress is casual on the top, but all party on the bottom—the ultimate not-trying-too-hard combination.”

Meredith Bogonovich, art assistant
Animal print tones down the serious factor.

“The color and classic pleats feel safe and refined, but the chunky jeweled necklace and leopard-print clutch take the whole look in a cooler direction.”

Natalie Matthews, digital fashion writer
With its loose silhouette and leather sleeves, this dress is a fresh alternative to skimpy and sweet little black dresses.

“Paired with some equally intriguing black accessories—like a bucket bag and high-heeled mules—it’d outshine the brightest ensembles in the room, without looking fussy.”

Lauren Sherman, executive digital editor
A red tuxedo jacket is unexpected—and festive.

“I love a good suit. And a good tux, too. Wear your jacket with sparkly shorts to make the whole thing look a bit more flouncy.”