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“This outfit is very fun and flirty. The top is very decorative—the ultimate piece to spruce up any outfit—and I am a die-hard Chanel fan.”

“I love how fashion-forward this look is.”

“I love the shape of this skirt—Vera Wang does so many interesting architectural shapes.”

“I really love to throw everything in this tote.”
“I thought the ants trying to get in this sugar bowl would be funny. I am a fan of humor.”

“I had to have Dr. Dre headphones. Who wouldn’t want Dr. Dre’s beats?”

“Scrabble Flash is great because I can play Scrabble by myself and stop bugging people to play with me.”

“This scarf is a perfect example of how a little color can make an outfit.”

“Dr Pepper Lip Smacker has been my number-one lipcolor since my early teens. I will never abandon my doctor!”

“These Shoemint flats are a perfect go-to shoe. They are great with cuffed jeans and a tee.”

“My Chanel boots are my favorite. They’re so easy to wear with everything and make your feet feel so stylish.”

“This vintage Hermès purse belongs to my Aunt Julie, but she lets me borrow it. I am coveting it and hope to have a vintage one of my own someday!”