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“I love this collection. I wore a similar dress on Valentine’s Day because I liked the colors.”

“This dress is perfectly romantic and sexy at the same time, and the color is so pretty.”

“This is such a sweet dress. I love the length and the pop of color.”

1. “I’m a big supporter of DKMS Americas, which seeks to educate people and create a global database of potential bone marrow donors to help fight blood cancer.”

2. “I get one at the beginning of each year. I make lots of specific lists and I have one that’s a schedule, too.”

3. “The texture of this is so nice—sort of like a gel—and can go sheer or dark. Plus, it’s conditioning and has a nice minty scent.”

4. “This fragrance is very complex, a little edgy and quirky and weird—like me!”

5. “I wear these every day. One has a little heart. The other has a little L for both of my brothers, Logan and Lex, and my niece Lucia.”

6. “I wear these constantly: They make anything look a million times better—jeans or dresses—and they’re great for travel.”

7. “I’ve been using these satin pillowcases for years. I love how they always feel cool against your skin.”