My Mom, the Style Icon: Karen Willert

Her glamorous, bohemian look balanced somewhere between Halston and Stevie Nicks—total effortless chic.

At age 23, my mother, Karen Willert, married an amateur photographer—and instantly became his muse. She got a real kick out of dressing up for his photos. In this one, her flowy white dress and Jacqueline Bisset haircut make her look like a carefree angel—with a rock-star side. My mom has never been interested in channeling a consistent style or tone: What she cares about is fun. She can pull anything off (even, somehow, the white unitard and seersucker blazer ensemble she wore to my second birthday party!). Her confidence and sense of play always make it work. She taught me one of the most important fashion lessons of all: Getting dressed shouldn’t be a stressful morning ritual; instead, it’s a daily opportunity to have a good time. — Katie Willert, 23, writer and comedian, Los Angeles

Crystal charms give this pendant necklace a sexy, earthy feel.