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“This is gorgeous, classic. The fabric is fantastic.”

“I love vintage looks and  short dresses and high  waists. This Marc Jacobs one was demure and sweet.”

1.  “I threw out every pair of jeans I owned and replaced them with these. I live in them and have them in all the colors.”

2.  “I’m obsessed with this mascara. I did the commercial for it. I love the brush, the formula, the consistency.”

3. “My first fragance, Eva, was developed for daytime, and my second, EVAmour, is for what happens when the sun goes down.”

4. “I’m so into Brian Atwood right now. He makes a great classic pump, in great colors and styles.”

5. “I always read nonfiction when I’m on vacation, but I’ll read Fifty Shades of Grey too because I met the author on The View."