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Sofia's favorite things

1.“I love this stuff. You put it on, and it feels so good. It really calms down any redness in your skin.”

2. “I have been using it since I was in my twenties, when I didn’t even have enough money to buy it.”

3. “I wear this with real diamond pieces and people can’t tell the difference. Especially if it’s at night and they’ve had a drink.”

4. “I am obsessed with wearing sunblock every day, and this one doesn’t leave a white residue.”

5. “My boyfriend loves floral scents, and I generally don’t, except for this one. It’s our compromise.”

6. “This gives me so much volume and no clumps and the curved brush also helps you get really close to the lashes.”

7. “This is my first Hermès bag, and I love it. It has the most elegant style.”

8. “These heels are gorgeous—and they’re actually comfortable and really affordable.”

9. “I love that I can wear it both daytime and nighttime. It’s very sexy—it’s a snake!”

10. “I love the Russians: Anna Karenina, Lolita. I don’t watch TV, but I never get bored on the set, on airplanes, because I have my Kindle.”

11. “I love big, masculine watches. This one’s sexy and blingy!”