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“This look is gorgeous and fun and sort of tough chic.”
“I’m into the acid yellow of the shoes. I’d wear them all the time.”
“Pink leather pants are heaven and anything with a stripe is okay by me.”
Painting People by Charlotte Mullins
“John Currin [featured here] has such a unique point of view without completely abandoning traditional technique. His portraits of his wife, Rachel, are just rad.”
Sally Hansen Cuticle Cream
“I’m a terrible cuticle abuser. The only thing that stops me from ripping at the poor suckers is keeping them waxed down and protected. This stuff is incredible. I am also not beyond going off-label and using it on my feet.”
Scalamandré Wallpaper
“I know, I know … from Wes Anderson to Gino’s restaurant in New York, the old zebras have been done to death, but I don’t care. I love them.”
Diamond Stud Earrings
“My mother used to have earrings just like these, and they remind me of her. She’s a real salt-of-the-earth Midwesterner. When she lost one of them she reported it to the insurance company, and they replaced them, and then when we found the one she lost, she called them and they said to just keep them.”
“I bought my old, beat-up motorcycle boots in the early ’90s, and I wore them through years of auditions and waiting tables and bad dates. I earned the patina on these, and because of that, they will never fully go out of style. When I brought them out of cold storage, everyone was like, ‘Where did you get those?’ ”
Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner
“I am so insane for the smell; I’ve been trying to translate it into a perfume or lotion, but it’s too unique. The smell is peppery and sharp—not fruity like many products. And yeah, it’s great for your hair, too.”