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As a body confidence coach, Alison Leipzig is not one to shy away from flaunting her figure. “I definitely don’t hide in my clothes,” she says. “I wear lots of tailored and fitted pieces, but I’ve never been too adventurous. I always assumed certain cuts or prints wouldn’t work on me.” By giving her some new styling tips, we took Alison out of familiar territory and introduced her to new, ultra-flattering looks that suit both her shape and her chic, feminine style. The result: “I feel sexy and confident—but still totally comfortable!”
Red ankle-strap pumps highlight the narrowest part of her legs, while a high-waisted pencil skirt shows off an hourglass shape.
With shapewear underneath, an untucked top seamlessly skims her body. Shapewear shorts = way more denim options.
Black pointy-toe pumps elongate her legs.
A tailored skirt adds professional polish to a drapey top while a silky button-down glides over her bust, without any gapping.