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Forget neutrals. Finish a colorful look with accessories in complementary super-brights.

Pattern on pattern can work for the office—just keep one of them on the pared-down side.

Meet the model: Atong Arjok
Bor, South Sudan
Style icon: Naomi Campbell
Last thing she bought: “The most beautiful dress from Baby Noir in Harlem.”

A slim silhouette balances a graphic mix of head-to-toe prints.
Pull a single shade from an ultra-saturated print and match it to everything else (including your jewelry).
It’s all about scale: Similarly sized prints will always work well together.
Tile Necklace
Patterned Sunglasses
Striped Dress
Checkerboard Clutch
Sleeveless Shell
D'Orsay Pumps
Pencil Skirt
Skinny-Strap Watch
Houndstooth Jeans
Enamel Earrings
Color-Blocked Sweater
Tote Bag
iPhone case
Striped Sweater
Window Pane Checked Pants
Lace Up Booties
Floral Trousers
Stripe Socks
Cut Away Heels
Crewneck Sweater
Metal Belt
Sheath Dress
Mini Skirt
Longsleeve Pullover
Chain Necklace
Polka Dot Dress
Cutout Oxfords