Fashion Addict Exclusive: Shop Erin Wasson's Cowboy Boot Collection

"When you grow up in Texas, cowboy boots are a state of mind, not a trend. My dad bought me my first pair—midnight blue Justin boots—for my eighth birthday. Today, I have about 20 pairs. They go with everything—sundresses, shorts—and they’re more rock-and-roll than cowboy. For the red carpet, there’s nothing sexier than a high heel, but I’ve been known to wear a really fancy gown with cowboy boots underneath. I’ll probably be the girl who gets married in cowboy boots."—Erin Wasson

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On a scale of cool to uncool, cowboy boots can really go either way. If they're by Isabel Marant? Cool. If they're covered in rhinestones? Well, I'll let you be the judge. If Erin Wasson is wearing them? Very cool.

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