November Editor's Letter From Eva Chen: Tea for Two

Slumber-party-chic with the ridiculously cool Kate Bosworth.

Sebastian Kim

Editor in Chief

There are a few phrases you’ll hear on repeat at the Lucky offices: “Where’d you get that?”; “Okay, seriously, I need that now”; “That’s the perfect ____ ”; and “She is such a Lucky Girl.” The latter designation is the ultimate compliment. No two Lucky Girls are the same, but there are some common threads. A Lucky Girl loves fashion and shopping and clothes—but marches to the beat of her own (very stylish) drum. She doesn’t care for “In or Out” lists—if something looks good on her, it’s always in fashion, no matter the season. She’ll pair vintage with Valentino. She won’t rest until she finds the aforementioned perfect ____ .

There are some magazines—and they are wonderful ones—that delight in taking an actress or model and giving her a fantastical and fairy-tale-worthy makeover. Lucky’s mission, on the other hand, is to take celebrities and models who have innate personal style and share their secrets. Case in point: Kate Bosworth. I think you’ll all agree with me that Kate looks truly, well, Kate Bosworthian (is that a word? If not, it really should be) in our story with photographer Sebastian Kim. She is a true Lucky Girl, both style- and personality-wise. (Evidence in regard to the latter: Kate’s first question to me when I arrived on set was whether I wanted to partake in her lunch, an impressively heaping plate of pasta. My friends know that carbohydrates are one of the ways to my heart. Other things that are an express lane to friendship: great nail art, unswerving loyalty and kindness, and, it must be said, macarons.)

Speaking of food, this issue has a bounty of fashion deliciousness: two brilliantly entertaining essays, one by Abby Aguirre, who ruminates on how a leopard-print coat changed her sartorial destiny, and another by beauty editor Maura Lynch, who explores her what-if career of perfumer. There are tips on how to artfully layer your winter pieces for a perfectly undone-yet-done look. Lucky Girls know that an amazing piece of jewelry is the cherry on top of a perfect outfit—we have three of my favorite street style stars, Nicole Warne, Alexandra Spencer and Tamu McPherson, showing off the season’s best. There’s an absolutely gorgeous winter bohemian shoot with photographer Daniel Jackson, whose work epitomizes effortless style. And to complete the fashion feast (just to continue the food analogy a little further), we have a shoot with the one and only Alexa Chung, another quintessential Lucky Girl—just like you, dear reader!

Cheers to you and the amazing season ahead.

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