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A cotton candy pink shearling clutch amps up Laurel’s understated look.
“I love the fact that this bag just looks better and better with age.”
“This is the perfect complement to a broken-in chambray shirt.”
"I'd wear this with a flowy cream skirt. It's so unbelievably soft."
"A gingham and floral pattern in rich blue feels modern with a touch of the Southwest."
"This shade of pink is so over-the-top girly, it actually feels edgy."
"These foldable gold stars make such a cool statement on a coffee or bedside table."
"Gray is a lovely alternative to basic black, and just as neutral."
"I'm totally in love with Aelfie rugs. They're all designed in Brooklyn by the coolest girl — I love the color combinations."
"I love MIH's Halsy jeans. The fit is the perfect point between skinny and boyfriend."
"I'm not at all girly, but I really, really love to wear silver glitter on my eyes. It looks super pretty with an otherwise bare face."
"In an ideal world I would live in a concrete and glass ranch house in west Texas with one of these in every room."
"Yes these are men's jeans, and yes I love them. The fit of the legs is just perfect — I like to wear men's jeans cropped just above my ankle."