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Maura punctuates a black-and-white silk dress with ruby accents.

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“I was an English major in college and especially loved 19th-century British literature.”
“I’d toughen this up with a black camisole and leather vest.”
"This drawing is total inspiration for me. The flowers, the simplicity—everything."
“I’m drawn to the not-too-high heel and the gorgeous color—it reminds me of my favorite Malbec.”
“This clean rose scent is my current obsession.”
“I like unexpected details, like the printed collar on this button-down.”
“For evening, I ditch my giant carryall for a clutch in a bold color.”
"My all-time favorite red lipstick! I've learned that my skin tone looks best with orange-based red lipsticks, as opposed to blue-based ones, and this is the best one I've found. It stays on forever, and I rarely need to do a mid-day (or mid-evening) touch-up, which is key considering how lazy I am with makeup."
"You can't go wrong with a pair of black, leather leggings. I love throwing baggy sweaters or button-downs on over these, because no matter how casual you go on top, the bottoms dress it up a bit and make the whole outfit a little more…intentional."
"Tiny jewelry is my favorite! And so is rose gold! These are delicate, beautiful and the perfect mix of edgy and sophisticated."
"The fit of it—a flared skirt and tighter bodice—is very girly, but I think the leather material and the red color makes it really cool and modern."
"Winter is coming—and there's nothing I hate more than cold ears! This hat is slouchy, comfy perfection. I love everything Eugenia Kim makes."