Model Crush: Liu Wen

“I use a serum every day to revitalize and protect my skin,” says Wen. “A daily face mask application is also a must.”

Wen makes dashing from show to show look so chic. Click through the slideshow to see her best looks.

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Fashion Features Editor

If Liu Wen wasn’t a supermodel, she says, she’d be a tour guide. “Because,” she explains, “I would still get to travel the world, learn about different cultures and eat delicious food from all over!” Alas, the Chinese native was born with heartbreakingly perfect features, glowy skin and ridiculously long legs; a career in fashion was a no-brainer. Since her 2008 international debut on the Burberry runway in Milan (“it was a huge turning point for me”), Wen has gone on to worldwide fame. Her career has included campaigns for Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Coach and H&M (which dubbed her a “New Icon”) and the distinction of becoming Estée Lauder’s first spokesperson of Asian descent. While she may not be a tour guide, Wen still gets to travel plenty, zipping regularly to photo shoots around the globe. So just how exactly does she manage to stay so stylish on the go? “The one thing I do is separate all my clothes by color in my closet so I can immediately pick out combinations, even if I’m short on time.” Though she’s mastered the art of dressing on the fly, her personal style, she admits, is still evolving. “I’m more known for tomboy style, but now I’m slowly learning how to dress more alluringly,” she says. “Fashion is about versatility, after all!”

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