Shop Olivia Palermo's Incredible Costume Jewelry Collection

"Both my mom and my aunt have incredible costume jewelry collections. When I was little, they took me to a lot of antiques shows and auctions, and I’m so glad they did; it’s definitely made me a better collector. I love the thrill of the hunt too. It takes patience, but if you’re willing to dig through the selections at places like the Portobello Market, you can discover great stuff. I was just there recently and found a few amazing pieces. That’s my idea of a perfect Saturday."

Seth Smoot, WireImage

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Warning: you may want to don some shades before viewing the stunning jewelry in the slideshow above.

As a blogger and a brand ambassador for Pikolinos' Maasai Project, Olivia Palermo unsurprisingly has one very covetable closet. And while we would gladly take any of those designer pieces and fine gems off her hands, it's her incredible collection of costume jewelry that recently caught our eye. Palermo dishes about her bright baubles in our December/January issue, available now. In the meantime, click through above to shop a handful of sparkling pieces inspired by Olivia's own.

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