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“The sunny yellow accessories against the slate gray backsplash remind me of a chalkboard in a classroom.”
“I was drawn to wood pieces—but ones that felt welcoming. I want my family and friends to come over and just relax.”

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“I did the reupholstery myself! The fabric is from Zarin’s in NYC.”
“We stole the idea of the target poster from a friend of ours. We got this one on eBay for something like 69 cents.”
Brass complements wood decor—Minkoff has this peace sculpture in her bedroom.
These geometric trays add a bit of color to any surface. They can be mixed and matched to create any shape.
“I’m just borrowing this Alex Prager photograph for now—but I’m definitely considering making it a permanent fixture.”
“I love that there’s a West Elm right around the corner to pick up interesting things like this agate bookend.”