Editor's Letter: The Thrill of the Hunt

I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with this faux-fur jacket. So much so that I ordered one while on set!

Click through to see some of the downtown-cool under-$500 accessories Eva Chen is coveting, and her favorite red carpet look worn by cover star Zoe Saldana.

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I’d like to start the new year by coining a new phrase: fashion touchdown. Now, I’m not a football fan, but I do appreciate the idea of a major score. To me, a fashion touchdown is a truly delicious moment—a triumph of shopping, when you find your new obsession, a can’t-live-without-it thing. You love it so much that you could spike the item and launch into a happy touchdown dance.* (But you wouldn’t because, well, it’s that precious to you.)

A few examples of such fashion wins: the wonderfully clompy black-and-white Prada platforms I bought in Milan and later discovered were exclusive to the store, prompting many an envious “Where did you get those?” An exquisite navy shearling cardigan worn by fashion director Anne Keane—from J.Crew. A perfectly ladylike gold watch: vintage, found by executive digital editor Verena von Pfetten. And the awesomely ’90s jeans that Katherine Bernard, author of this month’s fashion essay, found at the Brooklyn thrift store where she was being photographed for her story (see page 38) and purchased for $20 after the shoot. Those fashion triumphs—at every price—are what fuel the staff at Lucky.

And since this is also the time of year when your holiday generosity catches up with you in the form of bills, bills, bills (long live Destiny’s Child!), I’m delighted to announce that all the fashion wins in this issue are under $500. Except for one thing. One shiny little Chanel pochette that fashion editor at large Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele casually slung on model Julia Frauche—as a necklace (see page 89). My brain imploded just a little when I first saw the image. We were on such a good streak! “The price is irrelevant, because it’s the best bag ever,” said Carlyne with a shrug. “You can wear it to work, you can wear it on the weekend, you can wear it to dinner, you can wear it to the club.” The list went on, humorously, to increasingly less probable situations wherein a normal person (but not the vraiment cool Carlyne) would wear Chanel (“to the gym for a jog!”). She finally convinced me with this logic: “Eva. Every woman needs a little Chanel in her life. Chanel is the dream.”

Fair enough: Touchdown.

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