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Click through to see exclusive photos of Coco Rocha and Zac Posen goofing around in his NYC office.

"The best advice you've gven me has been about how to take criticism in the industry. We've both had our ups and down, and it's nice to hear from a person who has been through it." - Coco Rocha

Posen and Rocha show off a flirty dress from the designer’s Zac Zac Posen line.
Rocha monkeys around in Posen’s studio.
"You always had a little sway in your step, a little swag. That's one of hte reasons you're my muse. Well, your poisitve attitude too—but mostly because you can sing and dance." - Zac Posen
"I see us at 70, in Florida, by a pool. I'll know your children, and you'll know mine." - Zac Posen
Rocha, a self-described “social media freak,” Instagrams Posen for her 600,000+ followers.