Eva Chen's March Editor's Letter: Fashion 2.0

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I could be 900 years old and I’d still love a schoolgirl look. (Although, at my age, it’s more like “schoolmarm.”)

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When I spend time with non–fashion industry friends, there’s always a moment when they lower their voice and ask conspiratorially, with a sly eyebrow raise, “What’s it really like?” (Subtext: “I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada/Ugly Betty/13 Going on 30.”)

Truly, the fashion media seems to be dogged by a very persistent set of stereotypes. So let me take this opportunity to clear the air: It’s not true. At Lucky, we eat, more than regularly (follow us on Instagram to see the stream of macarons and cupcakes that we tuck away). We laugh (usually at terribly nerdy Game of Thrones puns—it’s a pretty direwolf situation). We genuinely enjoy each other’s company in the office (which we do not leave at midday to get blowouts) and outside its walls. Really, we’re an altogether normal bunch.

To tell you the truth, I never really understood why fashion had to be so serious. After all, its main by-product—shopping—is such a joy. Think about it: Is there any better feeling than when you’re at a store—it could be high street like Madewell, it could be high end like Marc Jacobs (I’ve been spending way too much time and, er, resources at both recently)—and a salesperson hands you a crisp, delicious shopping bag? And suddenly, the item you’d been coveting is yours.

That supremely joyful shopping bliss is what Lucky is about. We’re the fashion magazine about those celebratory moments—not froideur or peering into an “in crowd” that you’ll never really belong to or understand. I honestly believe we’re in a new age of fashion today, where style is as influenced by a true human connection as it is by the runway—a personal bond to the designer, models and influencers that define style these days.

In this March issue, we’ve chosen to highlight those people that define this next era—from the utterly unique cute-awesomeness that is Zooey Deschanel to designers like Zac Posen and models like Coco Rocha. We have a ridiculously cool, Patrick Demarchelier–lensed story on six fresh ways to think about denim, modeled by personal style stars like Tank magazine’s Caroline Issa, UnderOur​Sky.com founder Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea and the Rainbow-Brite-incarnate model Chloe Norgaard. There’s a hilariously honest essay by senior fashion writer Jayna Maleri about her conversion to crop tops (who among us hasn’t Googled something like “harem pants/how not to look insane”). And there’s senior associate beauty editor Megan O’Neill’s piece that has me thinking about being the old(-er) lady at the skate park.

It’s an altogether happy mix—and one I hope you’ll love.

How I Became A Crop Top Convert

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