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Click through to see inside—and shop—Molly Guy's New York bridal store, Stone Fox Bride!
Stone Fox Bride creative director Molly Guy in her souk-like showroom.
From arranging the perfect bouquet to finding the right wedding-day shoes, Guy is your girl.
“I always ask myself: ‘Would one of the three Graces wear this?’ ” says Guy. “Grace Slick, Grace Jones, Grace Kelly—they’re the Stone Fox Bride style icons.”
“As your something borrowed, I think it’s nice to sew a little piece of your grandmother’s or mom’s wedding dress on the inside of your own.”
"My job is amazing. I love my job—I’m obsessed with what I do. I find it so fun, so creative, so interesting, its such a blast. But I never started this thinking it was going to start something cool at all. I thought I’d be in a small dark shop on the Lower East Side selling wedding dresses."
"Bridesmaids dresses are painful for everyone. My sister made me wear a lavender crinoline taffeta tutu and I still have PTSD from it. What is this the '50s? Why does everyone have to match?"
"Everyone thinks of The Virgin Suicides. And that’s such a good reference. Everyone always thinks of hot Josh Hartnett as Trip Fontaine. And Kirsten Dunst. It’s so ethereal and '70s."
"I want to keep our roots in NYC, and obviously I want the business to thrive as much as possible. I would love to wholesale our dresses. I would love to open other Stone Fox Brides in L.A. In Chicago. In London."
"I’m working on a Stone Fox book that I’m really excited about. I’d love to have some really cool books. Real books that could help people sartorially, psychologically, spiritually through the wedding process. We’re gonna launch our blog. You want the same thing for your business that you want for your child. I want the business to last a long time and to grow and thrive."