Addicted to Backpacks: A Look At Rachel Bilson's Vast Collection

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I'm Addicted to Backpacks

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Rachel Bilson stars on the CW's Hart of Dixie

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"I know it may sound crazy, but I own around 25 backpacks—when I see one I like, I just have to have it! My first was probably a Minnie Mouse backpack that I got when I was two years old, and my current favorite is my old-school green Jansport. I bike around the Hart of Dixie set every day, so backpacks are really practical. I love that they have a place for everything from my computer to my wallet to my stash of candy. To this day, I’ll rock a backpack at Disneyland, just like I did when I was in high school. I’m glad they’re having a fashion moment again."

- Rachel Bilson

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