Attn: Game Of Thrones Fanatics!


Yes, the news spreading across the Seven Kingdoms is true, and fortune favors the diligent ones. Since November 2013, fair reader, we have hidden within the pages of Lucky at least one reference per issue to our most favorite TV series Game of Thrones. The mentions will continue through our October 2014 issue. But now, on the occasion of the April 6th premiere of season 4, we can reveal unto you that by finding these hidden dragon's eggs, you can win a most amazing prize.

Check back here in the coming weeks for everything you need to know about the rules of contest and how to submit your answers. There will be references in the ten issues from November 2013 through to October 2014.

When you play the Lucky Game of Thrones game, you win or… you don't win. (But that's a bummer because we're putting together a really cool prize.)


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