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Whether she’s decorating her East Hampton home or creating the latest collection for her clothing line, Hatch, Ariane Goldman has mastered the cozy yet chic aesthetic.

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“Max and I bought this [wooden bust] in India. It’s painted wood and so fragile, but the cute expression on the face always makes us smile.”

Pink accents pop on a powder blue sofa from ABC Carpet & Home. “The colors are very soothing,” says Goldman.

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Once the house was hers, Goldman, five months pregnant with her daughter, Charlie, set out to “modernize it and let it breathe.” The first order of business: Remove the shutters and paint all of the interior wood—with the exception of the high, handsome ceiling beams—a bright, light-welcoming, semigloss white. “I wanted to just open it all up,” says Goldman, who spends her weekdays in New York City working on Hatch, a clothing line designed with maternity in mind but that can be worn before and after the big nine-month milestone too. “We come out here almost every weekend. The goal was to make it comfortable and not too precious, organized with a bit of chaos … like our life,” she says with a laugh.

The home’s virtually all-white interior provides a perfect canvas, not just for now-three-year-old Charlie’s artwork but for Goldman’s colorful textiles too. Throughout the house, pillows by John Robshaw, Madeline Weinrib and Roberta Freymann lend cheerfulness and flexibility to the decor. “Pillows are the best way to bring zest in without going crazy or having to commit to any one color for too long,” Goldman says. “I mix and match so that each room has a different combination.” Equally eye-catching is the couple’s collection of photography: Images by Massimo Vitali and Tim Walker add a dash of whimsy, their fancifulness a contrast to the otherwise minimalist surroundings. “Photography is a creative meeting ground for Max and me. It’s where we get our inspiration.”

The guiding principle behind Goldman’s style, from her decor to her clothing line to her entertaining approach, is versatility. “We love to have impromptu dinner parties,” says Goldman, who in the summertime has Max man the grill while she prepares the side dishes, often using fresh ingredients straight from her friends’ gardens. Thoughtful, easy-to-alter accents, like freshly cut flowers and candle votives, are always at the ready to set a mood that perfectly matches the occasion. “When the bones are beautiful,” she says, summing up her philosophy, “it doesn’t take much to make things shine.”

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