Eva Chen's May Editor's Letter: Fashion Marathon!

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Eva at New York Fashion Week, February 9th.

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Here’s the thing to know about fashion week: It’s actually a whole month.

Last September was my first time completing the circuit—New York, London, Paris and Milan—and the fashion shows (sometimes up to seven in a day), dinners, parties and many other extracurriculars that go along with it.

As a beauty editor for nearly a decade, I had attended shows here and there, but the sartorial expectation was quite different. As a beauty editor, you dash in (comfortable shoes) through the un-street-style-photographer-thronged backstage entrance, squeeze by 86 production assistants (hence the modus operandi of dressing lightly—it’s perpetually packed and sweltering), air-kiss Pat McGrath or Guido Palau hello before interviewing them. And repeat. The most important accessory is your iPhone (or, if you’re old school, a Moleskine notebook and pen).

The contrast between living in the fashion versus beauty sphere really became clear for me last September when, at the very end of the Paris shows, a street style photographer stopped me and said, “You know, we [all the street style photographers, thereby implying it had been a topic of conversation] think it’s very brave that you have worn some of the same pieces over and over.” That statement triggered a domino effect of emotions: confusion (huh?!) and then simultaneous paroxysms of laughter (I mean … yes, I wore the same Jil Sander skirt in two cities. How absurd that it be something unusual!) and disbelief (“brave,” to me, is being on the front lines of a war or standing up for your beliefs. Not wearing the same thing twice).

As I write this letter, I’ve just weathered my second round of shows. I feel enormously grateful to be part of the madcap, surreal and generally ridiculously beautiful experience of fashion week. But the realities of the fashion scene are more, well, real to me now. It takes a village (or, in my case, one very talented assistant named Kristie Dash) to keep up with the fast and furious pace. The gorgeous outfits some of your style inspirations sport? Borrowed for a day (or a few hours). The skyscraper heels that seem architecturally improbable? Only possible thanks to Uber.

All that is why the way real women dress is so very inspiring to me. My friend Stella works at the Department of Health in New York City but mixes brands from Proenza Schouler to Zara more artfully than some fashion folk I know; my friend Rachel, founder of Crickets​Circle​.com, always has the most well-curated collection of jewelry—dainty, bold, sleek, quirky—that is just perfection. Real women, you see, earn their style icon status because each day is a new challenge of taking existing pieces, perhaps well-loved/worn (cough, Jil Sander skirt I wore in New York and Paris), and mixing and matching them in an endless equation of fashion math.

And that’s where Lucky comes in. In this magazine, you will find one thing—or seven—that you can wear with your best skinny jeans. You’ll discover a pair of shoes that may breathe new life into a three-year-old dress. Or our images might inspire you to try a new way of styling or combining existing pieces.

This issue has ideas in spades—too many to name, really, but a few of my favorites: how to look breezily nautical (like Olivia Wilde in our cover story, page 128) and what to wear to the office over the summer on page 56 (such a conundrum, no? You’re hot! You’re cold!). And you’ll meet four new designers whose clothes I think will be your go-tos this time next year.

Finally, because it’s our beauty issue, we have more than 12 pages of the latest formulas, pro tricks and stores, as well as a six-page feature on six Lucky Girls and what beauty signature makes them feel good about themselves.

And isn’t that, really, what it’s all about?

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