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Senior Fashion Writer

The Tiffany & Co. Bone Cuff is quite literally a work of art. Created by legendary designer Elsa Peretti, the sculptural style—which features a fluid, curved shape meant to mimic the natural line of the wrist—was added to the British Museum’s permanent collection in 2009. But it’s been one of the brand’s most sought-after accessories since its debut in the ’70s—and with good reason. “It’s absolutely timeless,” declares Lucky accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff. “It has a strong but feminine quality that’s so unique.” And while the cuff is an undeniably statement-making piece, it’s surprisingly versatile as well. “Wear it with a suit and look polished or with a boho sundress and look ethereal—it works with any outfit,” says Kalachnikoff. The cuffs are available in a variety of metals, including 18 karat gold, sterling silver and ruthenium, which means it works with almost any budget too. Beautiful, wearable and affordable—now, that’s a masterpiece.

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