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Caryn finishes a ladylike look with cat-eye shades and a bright cross-body.
"I love how these are a subtle shade of olive—green is my favorite color."
"This gives me just the right hint of rosiness on my cheeks and lips."
A modern take on florals from Marc by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2014 collection.
"I prefer a bag that's hands-free."
"I'd wear this to the office with slicked-back hair and low black booties."
"I've had these forever—no sandal is cooler or comfier for summer."
"My dad gave me my diamond studs, which are the most versatile earrings. I wear them with everything."
"I spray this whenever I need a pick-me-up—the citrus scent is an instant mood lifter."
"I love open-toe sandals in the summer! Birkenstocks are great, but sometimes you need something a teensy bit fancier. These are perfect with my go-to summer staple: a simple white dress."
"The summer can be tough on my skin with all the extra time outside in the sun (I'm not complaining, though!) and subsequent sunscreen and sweating. So I like to use this at night to help keep my skin as decongested as possible; it really helps keep breakouts to a minimum."
"I really cherish any time I can spend in or near any body of water. I recently took up surfing last summer (and plan doing more of it this summer!) and a cute bikini that stays in place is an absolute must—and this one fits the bill."
"The summertime is all about the wash-and-go when it comes to my hair. But it can get super-frizzy depending on the weather, so I use this leave-in conditioner almost daily. It's all natural and super-light, but definitely keeps my hair under control."