Paper Dolls: Garance Doré And Rifle Paper Co. Collaborate On A Line Of Très Chic Stationery

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Bond (left) and Doré celebrate the launch of the collaboration at their NYC pop-up shop.

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Brendan Burke

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A stationery collaboration between French blogger Garance Doré and Rifle Paper Co.’s Anna Bond? Mais oui!

They share a deep love of old-fashioned letter writing, but it was a thoroughly modern missive—an e-mail—that first connected French style blogger and illustrator Garance Doré with Anna Bond, cofounder of Rifle Paper Co.

Though she didn’t know Bond personally, Doré had long been a fan of the five-year-old company’s cards, prints and notebooks, which feature whimsical illustrations of everything from floral bouquets to Mason Pearson hairbrushes. “Anna’s work draws you in and makes you want to be a part of her world. It’s something I’ve tried to achieve with my own brand,” Doré says. Creating a paper line had been a dream of hers, which is why Doré reached out to Bond last July about a possible collaboration. “My drawings are on my blog, but that’s digital. Stationery is much more tangible—it feels more real,” she says.

Bond, for her part, was thrilled with the proposal. “My husband, [Rifle Paper Co. cofounder] Nathan, and I have a routine where we go over business e-mails every night together,” she says. “And when he said Garance’s name, I actually grabbed the laptop out of his hands to see what she was writing about because I love her work!”

With their mutual admiration established, the two began a long-distance relationship of sorts: The Corsican-born Doré lives in New York, while Bond is based in Winter Park, Florida. “We first met in New York, but it was also important to me to go to Florida to see Anna’s shop and to meet her team,” says Doré. While there last December, she discovered they had a few differences. “Our schedules are completely at odds,” Doré says with a laugh. “I work during the day, and Anna is up all night.” But she also found that the two shared a love of adventure. “We both just dived into the project headfirst, not knowing where it would end up,” she says.

Once the pair settled on a selection of Doré’s drawings and a palette of salmon, citrine, blush pink and warm gold, they set up a shared Dropbox account to send updates and went to work. “Garance trusted my opinion from the very beginning, which was amazing,” says Bond, who oversaw the entire printing process. “I love illustrating, but I love being an art director even more. It was like developing a brand all over again.” The resulting collection—items range in price from $4.50 to $36 and are available at and—includes greeting cards, calendars, notepads, phone cases and more, all gorgeously printed with Doré’s signature fashion illustrations.

To celebrate the collection, the dream team joined forces again with a two-day pop-up shop in New York. Featuring a calligrapher, letter-writing stations and the opportunity to chat with both women, the event drew a stream of fans who snapped up much of the merchandise. “Creating the pop-up with Anna was one of the best things I’ve ever done,” says Doré. “I came up with the concept, and she was able to look at the empty space and immediately envision what we needed to do to bring it to life. I can paint, I can draw, but I can’t build a store. Anna can.” Sounds like somebody should be on the lookout for a thank-you card.

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