Dear Lucky: How Can I Avoid Runny Makeup During My Summer Morning Commute?

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Phil Oh

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Q: Every morning, I walk 10 minutes from my apartment to the subway, and my mascara is completely all over my face by the time I get to the train. I also end up with little tear tracks through my blush or bronzer on my cheeks. How do I avoid this? —Aliya

A: Dear Aliya, I encountered the ultimate expert on this topic—New York makeup artist Alice Lane—on a bike in front of Balthazar. “You know what really works?” she exclaimed (almost everything Alice says is an exclamation). “The most beautiful great big pair of sunglasses. Seriously!
If you’re walking or biking or anything outside where there could be wind … I had to do this shoot with J.Crew, and we were up on the Matterhorn?” Alice paused for breath. “Any wind up there was just the end of the model’s eye makeup, so we all had to wear ski goggles!” Sunglasses are fine for non-Matterhorn situations, Alice said: “But they have to be big!”

And wait for mascara. “I’m not a massive fan of waterproof mascara,” she demurred. “You could do a waterproof gel liner, so you’d still have an eye, then put mascara on at work. Or wear brown mascara: If it runs, just smudge it a little and it’s so pretty, it just softens around the eye.” Oil is the enemy of eye makeup, she continued: “Don’t put concealer all the way up under your eye, just do the inner corner and outside edge. Leave a centimeter of bare skin under your eyes. For your cheeks, use a bit of lipstick for blush instead of powder—problem solved.” Above all, don’t be afraid to touch up. “Remember the ’50s? It was glamorous to dab something on in public! Now, we’re supposed to be perfect, all day, like we’ve been tattooed or something!” Alice leaned in. “Just buy makeup you really love and enjoy it—touch it up! Hold your iPhone over your head like a model doing a cute selfie and use it as a mirror!”

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