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Chantal pairs a peekaboo dress with simple accessories and a boyfriend blazer. Click through to see more of the bold accessories she's loving right now.
"These earrings have a subtle silliness to them that I really appreciate."
"This is a great multi-tasking piece: I can wear it to work with a button-down or out dancing with a silk tank."
"I actually bought this after reading about it in Lucky! It’s as easy to use as we said it would be."
"A colorful T-shirt is my secret weapon on days when I want to look cute with minimal effort."
"I tend to lose things, especially jewelry, so this keeps me organized and looks pretty on display."
"I'm a huge fan of Garry Winogrand's photographs. He has such a witty, wonderful point of view."
"My mom carries a fan wherever she goes, so this clutch is my homage to her."
"I put this on every day—it smells clean and fresh but also a little bit fancy."
"I adore a big shoe—the chunkier the heel, the better."
"This Boston band is one of my favorites (not just because I went to college with one of them) because listening to their music makes me feel excited and nostalgic at the same time."
"I really love the color and structure of this bag. Basically everything from Saturday is something I want right now."
"This night cream has clary sage in it (whatever that is) and it smells so good. Like cleanliness."
"What can be better than a giant gold dinosaur necklace? Actually nothing."
"Alvarez Gomez is a really traditional Spanish brand that you can find everywhere there that smells like lavender and lemon in a cool European way."