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Sea designers Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini.

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Senior Fashion Writer

One of Sea’s current influences? Well, it’s right there in the name. “This season we found ourselves looking to the ocean for inspiration,” says founder and co-designer Sean Monahan, who launched the brand in 2007. That meant taking cues from beaches, even in the winter. “The colors and fabrics draw from the way the coast looks in the cold and how the sunlight hits the water during that time of year,” says co-designer Monica Paolini. The result is a mix of easy-but-elegant silhouettes in a serene palette of blues, grays and whites: navy-embroidered lace dresses, slim-slouchy heather trousers and crisp houndstooth blazer coats. But in addition to classic pieces, the line has some cozy new surprises. “It’s our first time doing graphic sweatshirts,” says Monahan. “We based them on vintage phys-ed tees we found at the Rose Bowl flea market in L.A.,” adds Paolini. “They’re comfy and relaxed—but still look great with a pencil skirt.”

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