Dear Lucky: How Can I Wear Western Without Looking Costumey?

Executive Beauty Director


Alexis is coveting a poncho (these, backstage at Burberry) for fall. “They’re rustic, but they look so sharp,” she says.

Q: How can I wear Western without looking costumey? —Sarah

A: Dear Sarah, Executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan grew up in Houston, and she is one of the most adventurous/enthusiastic costume-wearers a person could ever meet. But this trend, according to Alexis, is not that. “No, no!” she laughed. The look for fall, she explained, is more about a relaxed feeling—think Ali MacGraw in her Santa Fe phase—than a day at the rodeo. “It’s about ease and a sort of relaxed luxury,” she said.

Fellow Texan Tina Craig (a.k.a. @bagsnob) calls it the Chanel effect, à la the dusty-rodeo Chanel Métiers d’Art show in Dallas last year, which re-enchanted the world with Western (and, Tina reports, where “the daintiest” fashion girls rode bucking broncos at the after-party). If Karl Lagerfeld is not personally styling you, stick to a single Western element per outfit. “Unless you work at Southfork Ranch,” deadpanned Tina. “The same rule applies to all trends,” she said. “Build a new look around a single statement item—juxtaposed with modern pieces that
come naturally to you, so your personal style stays intact.”

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