Eva Chen's September Editor's Letter: Born Lucky

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“Personal style can be something you stumble upon or a series of trials and errors. It should be fun.”

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Readers, with Lucky’s second Personal Style Issue, I’d like to take the opportunity to dispel another fashion industry myth. No doubt you’ve been conditioned to think that personal style is something you’re born with. That it should be “effortless” or “second nature.” Wrong! Personal style is, like all else good in this world (a satisfying career, a welcoming home, Beyoncé-worthy legs/hair/everything), something you work toward over time.

But it doesn’t have to be the kind of work you assiduously toil over. Personal style can be something you stumble upon or a series of trials (and perhaps some comical errors). It should be fun. It should be personal to you—and your life story.

In the last year of editing this magazine, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many people who understand this joyful, lighter-hearted philosophy of fashion—Prabal Gurung, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, and Guillaume Henry, just to name a few. And I’ve met individuals who are the new icons of personal style—but have depth well beyond the clothes they wear: Yasmin Sewell, Caroline Issa, Hannah Bronfman, Anya Ziourova and more.

This new age of fashion—chic, inclusive, participatory—is what we’re celebrating in this (and every) issue of Lucky. One person who really personifies this is our cover star, Dakota Fanning. She’s amazingly talented, yes, and has a weakness for Rodarte and Marc Jacobs, but she also enjoys some Real Housewives Vanderpump action. She’s intelligent, funny and stylish—truly the Lucky trifecta—and I know that you’ll love Laura Morgan’s interview with her.

In this jam-packed issue, we also highlight a cornucopia of new designers, such as the girls behind the new handbag line Mansur Gavriel. I first learned about the line from Lucky style editor Laurel Pantin and stylist Kate Young, both of whom I spotted in the office toting Mansur’s simple, streamlined bucket bags. I’ve since dubbed the bags the new Birkin for their epic wait list (each bag is handmade in Italy in tiny batches). Now, I love the classic Birkin more than words … but the price point of this bag is one full numerical digit less at about $500 and proves that smart buys and smartly styled can go hand in hand. Bravo, Rachel and Floriana!

Finally, as a native New Yorker, my default color for clothing has always been black. If I wanted to be a little crazy, I might punctuate the look with a little charcoal gray or—brace yourselves—white. It’s only been in the last five years that I’ve really worn color, thanks to designers like Proenza Schouler and Kenzo. On page 54, you’ll find a brilliantly funny piece by author Sloane Crosley, who has exactly the reverse problem: integrating black into her rainbow-bright wardrobe.

I really consider September to be the happiest month for shopping (and because my birthday is in September, there’s likely an inextricable link), and this issue, with its mix of delicious fall coats, abundance of shoes and bountiful beauty products, will serve as divine inspiration.

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