Meet the editors

Jen Ford

Fashion News Director

Where I'm From

Seattle (with pit stops in Chengdu, China, and London).

My Style:

Slick, sexy, and girly. I live in effortless dresses—all flouncy minis or tightly sculpted knee-length styles. Colorwise, I usually stick to black, white, nude, or maybe a flash of fuchsia—and I always wear chunky heels.

My Favorite Online Stores:,,

My Favorite Stores in My Neighborhood:

Kirna Zabête, A.P.C., No. 6.

My Most Treasured Possession:

I have two: One is my mother's stunning vintage Givenchy ruby-and-gold twig ring —while it's not technically mine yet, I've been coveting it since I was old enough to try on her jewelry. My other prized item is a red, white, and chrome desk from Habitat on which my parents spent a fortune when I left my first job to become a freelancer in New York.

You'll Never Find Me Without

My running list of new bar and restaurant openings (for spur-of-the-moment drinks) and Giorgio Armani Shine lip gloss. It's super-sheer and the perfect shade of bitten-lip pink.