Meet the editors

Hope Greenberg

Fashion Director

Where I'm From

New York City.

My Style:

Some days feminine, some days sporty, some days downtown tough, some days preppy, and often a mix of all four.

My Favorite Online Stores:,,,

My Favorite Stores in My Neighborhood:
Midtown East Manhattan, NYC

Midtown Manhattan isn't really a hotbed of fashion retailing. However, Grand Central Station has an amazing multi-vendor food market, a great wine store, a huge Hudson News store, and even a lingerie store, so there's always a little something to pick up when I get off the subway on my way home.

My Most Treasured Possession:

My grandmother's ruby and diamond engagement bands, which I "borrowed" from my mother 10 years ago and now wear every day.

You'll Never Find Me Without

Golden Door Lanternshine lip balm.