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Heather Summerville

Senior Editor

Where I'm From


My Style:

I like to change it up day-to-day. I have lots of voluminous dresses that are pretty and feminine, but I tend to counter that sentiment with a fitted vest or my new buckled Dr. Martens.

My Favorite Online Stores: for supplies, for cool home stuff, for clothes.

My Favorite Stores in My Neighborhood:
Nolita/SoHo and Lower East Side, NYC

Unis and SHOP—every time I'm in this store, they have amazing sales!

My Most Treasured Possession:

A beaten-up leather blazer I found in my grandmother's closet years ago—it's always a fall favorite.

You'll Never Find Me Without

My favorite Marc Jacobs red aviators. It's taken me decades to find the perfect sunglasses.