lucky reader august video challenge!

With the arrival of the super-easy-to-use Videolicious app, we're starting a monthly reader video challenge for your original masterpieces, with a different style spin each time.

We want to hear the story behind your favorite pair of jeans.

Just download the free iPhone or iPad 2 app from the Apple App store, then follow the simple steps below to send the clips directly to us. We'll pick the best ones and feature them on our site, making you a sartorial star.

All you do is:
· Download Videolicious

· Choose your prerecorded video clips or create new shots (don't forget to show off your outfit, head to toe, and give us some detail shots too).

· Tell your story (again, we're all about the details: explain why you put everything together the way you did, and why you absolutely love what you're wearing).

· Let the Videolicious app put it all together in seconds.

· Then press Send to Lucky—your video will pop up in our private mailbox—to share your story with our editors for a chance to be seen by Lucky readers around the world.

Here's an explanatory video we made with Videolicious—to walk you through the process, step-by-step—so you can see how it works.