Taylor On Those Belly Button Rumors

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Get Cara Delevingne's Cool-Girl Style

When it comes to her look, Cara Delevingne, like a lot of us, channels Kate Moss.

Olivia Palermo Shares Her Fashion Secrets

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Eva Chen's November Editor's Letter

There is nothing I am more obsessed with than the weather.

20 Insanely Stylish Trailblazers

These trendsetters prove that America's got talent—in spades, and stars and stripes!

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My Mom, the Style Icon: Karen Willert

Her glamorous, bohemian look balanced somewhere between Halston and Stevie Nicks—total effortless chic.

Ethical Clothing Comes of Age

You might think you’re just buying an incredibly cute top, but you could accidentally be doing a world of good.

Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée Eau de Toilette

Somehow, this concoction of various citrus plus a bit of peppermint, mixed up with wild Siberian pine needles (I know, as if there were domesticated Siberian pine needles? But you have to love whatever might involve a wild Siberian anything, pretty much) manages to add up to something so evocative and like a star-spangled night sky that I kind of can’t believe it.

Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF30

This doesn’t feel even a bit like sunscreen—let alone the all-natural, all-mineral formula that it is. It feels like a luxurious, super-moisturizing serum.

Pure NV BKT Versatility Smoothing and Curling Potion

This leave-in cream (it’s sort of a conditioner, sort of an anti-frizz styler) is billed as a one-day keratin-ish treatment. And I’m sure if I blew my hair dry, it would look super-straight and shiny, as in a keratin treatment.

That's Our Girl

With a new movie out, an album in the works and another season of Gossip Girl to wrap, Leighton Meester drops the Blair Waldorf persona we know and love to reveal someone even better: a wisecracking, food-loving sweetheart with a wee best friend and a glamorous solution for bedhead.

aveda stress-fix

I am a little disinclined toward “relaxing” products. But this one—it is a tiny vial of essential oils that smell so 
good it is hard to pick out specifics, beyond lavender and maybe 
a jasmine or a honeysuckle—cannot be argued with. It is completely and utterly and unstressfully relaxing.

rue saint-honoré

The Astier de Villatte store in Paris has a sort of rabbit-warrenish vibe. There’s a room in the back where there might or might not be some sort of primitive kiln; the floor might or might not just be packed, ancient earth. You forget—until you’re signing your credit card bill—that you’re on the Rue Saint-Honoré, avec Hermès, Lanvin and the Hotel Bristol. Even though said bill is giving you some palpitations, as you sign it you see the scented erasers arranged in a big bowl and you have to have them as well.

guerlain terracotta blush

We can’t all be having a lunch on the terrace at Cap Ferrat, flushed from our late-morning swim in the Mediterranean. But we can sure feel (and look) like it. This liquid blush only comes in two shades because they are so—freakin’ good.

My Mom The Style Icon: Maria Mercedes Tibau

A daughter pays tribute to her mom's poetic glamour.

Revenge Is a Dish

On the hit ABC show Revenge, Emily VanCamp smolders and schemes and brings back the high-stakes drama of prime-time ’80s soaps like Knots Landing and Dallas. In real life, she’s just a nice Canadian girl who doesn’t always know what to wear.

Great Legs in Seconds Flat

There’s really nothing sexier than glossy, smooth, impeccably hairless legs—here’s how to get them

How To: Easy Summer Hair

Pretty, fun, cool and above all, simple, these perfect summer looks—created by Bumble and Bumble style guru Jimmy Paul—each come with a step-by-step tutorial.

Summer Sunscreen: 4 Ways

We found the best sunscreen for every body part.

Summer Skin 101

Jennifer Scruby on how to get totally clear skin.

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