Taylor On Those Belly Button Rumors

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Get Cara Delevingne's Cool-Girl Style

When it comes to her look, Cara Delevingne, like a lot of us, channels Kate Moss.

Olivia Palermo Shares Her Fashion Secrets

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Eva Chen's November Editor's Letter

There is nothing I am more obsessed with than the weather.

20 Insanely Stylish Trailblazers

These trendsetters prove that America's got talent—in spades, and stars and stripes!

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My Mom the Style Icon: Cheryl Rossum

Red lips, tousled waves... no shoes. A young photographer used to working behind the camera radiates cool in front of it--something her daughter, Emmy Rossum, knows a thing or two about.

Salma Says

It’s not that Salma Hayek doesn’t appreciate glamour, but she does do things differently than your average A-lister, from a fashion essential she calls Plan B to theories about Botox—and some predictions about her friend Demi Moore.

hang your party heels like fine art

PHOTO LEDGES Typically used to display framed pictures, they can also be used to free up closet space and create an easy-access boudoir. Paint the ledges—and even the wall behind them—to define the area.

Keeping Nails Healthy After Polish Changes

Q: I am a complete nail polish addict and change my polish color multiple times a week, which is making my nails very unhappy. Any recommendations for keeping nails healthy during polish changes? Can you recommend a good base coat or polish remover?

How to Mitigate Oil But Stay Moisturized

Q: So basically, my T-zone could solve the oil crisis. But oil-control products dry out the rest of my face. Is there anything to mitigate the oil but keep everywhere else moisturized?

How to Wear a Belt Over a Cardigan or Jacket

Q: I love the look of a belt over a cardigan or jacket, but how do you wear it so it looks nonchalantly cool, not contrived?

Closet Genius

Known as much for her personal style (does this woman ever not look good?) as her acting talent, Rachel Bilson takes time out from her busy fashion-entrepreneurial life to go to the mall, share a cupcake and discuss the importance of neon, neutrals and jammies.

Mini City Guide: Nashville

Nashville sees its fair share of cowboy boots, Western jackets and gallon hats. But just a couple blocks away from the country bars on Lower Broadway, Tennessee’s capitol has an emerging fashion scene that’s nudging its way into the spotlight. From vintage scores in East Nashville to designer fashion on-the-cheap in the West End, here are our picks of the city’s best-kept secrets.

My Mom, the Style Icon: Maribel Rivera

The rebellious style of a young Chilean woman in the ’80s wasn’t born of trends—
it was a personal declaration of independence.

How to Mix Up Your Makeup Routine

Q: I feel like I’ve had the same makeup routine since I was 14: foundation/tinted moisturizer, good undereye concealer and then the same muted brown eyeshadows with the expected highlighter on the inner part of the eye. Do you have ideas/tips for new ways to mix it up? I feel like I’m a paint-by-numbers...

How to Look Fashion-y When You’re Pregnant

Q: Truly, I need fashion answers (more specifically—HELP!) in every direction: I’m pregnant. I’m most perplexed by the maternity skirt. It is not a good thing …unless I’m missing some secret key element? Perhaps pregnant ladies should only wear the ever-loving hell out of their J Brand maternity jeggings (which I’ve been doing) and tight-inthe-middle/loose-everywhere-else dresses? Getting dressed for work has become a daily chore.

Where to Find Chic Winter Boots

Q: Can winter boots be stylish?

Big Banks Theory

With three major roles this year, Elizabeth Banks has 
officially evolved from funny-woman sidekick to full-fledged movie star. 
But she still loves a good bargain—and her comfy cowboy boots.

Judy Greer 'Stickers' Our December Issue

The actress chooses her favorite pieces from Lucky's December issue using our famous stickers. Click through to see her picks.

Readers Ask: Dear Lucky About Preventing Blow-Dry Frizz

Q: I rarely blow-dry my hair, but when I do it ends up looking frizzy. What is the one tip/product I could use to avoid this?

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