Taylor On Those Belly Button Rumors

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There is nothing I am more obsessed with than the weather.

20 Insanely Stylish Trailblazers

These trendsetters prove that America's got talent—in spades, and stars and stripes!

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Joséphine De La Baume's Guide To Paris

Joséphine de La Baume—designer muse, singer and star of indie hit Listen Up Philip—tells us where to drink, eat and dance in the City of Light.


It’s nice to spend an afternoon walking around the Palais-Royal gardens. If you go during the weekend, there’s a string orchestra. You can’t get more Paris or romantic than that. Afterward get a coffee or fresh juice at Café Kitsuné nearby. 51 Galerie Montpensier, +33-1-40-15-62-31


To shop, I head to L’Eclaireur. There are a few of them in the city, but my favorite is in the Marais. It looks like a big industrial loft, and it sells everything from furniture to art to clothing. I buy a lot of men’s shirts there. 40 rue de Sévigné, +33-1-48-87-10-22

Castor Club

For drinks, I like the cocktail bar Castor Club. It’s been kind of a secret until now. Downstairs there’s a cave where you can dance. Upstairs it looks a bit like a Swedish sauna. 14 rue Hautefeuille, +33-9-50-64-99-38

Le Richer

One of the best restaurants is Le Richer. It’s one of those places where the menu changes every day—I had the most amazing pork with honey once. It’s quite elaborate without being pretentious; gourmet but still affordable. 2 rue Richer

Chez Jeannette

In the 10th, everyone goes to lunch at Chez Jeannette. It’s a very classically Parisian café, and it plays good music because all the studios in the neighborhood give it their records. 47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, +33-1-47-70-30-89

First Person: 'My Fiancé Hates My Favorite Pants'

Every woman has a go-to piece. The thing that makes her feel confident, stylish and just right. For writer Lucy Madison, it’s her high-waisted tuxedo pants. As it turns out, her boyfriend kind of hates them.

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