Lucky's February issue

THE LUCKY STYLISH AND SEXY GUIDE The most alluring, seductive-yet-subtle looks this season are inspired by the world's four famously fashionable cities including:

  • Los Angeles: Laid-back but utterly glamorous, with floaty fabrics and earthy colors.
  • New York: Crisp and urbane, this style has a wonderfully unfussy sensuality.
  • Paris: Mix simple shapes with stunning statement pieces to achieve a sophisticated smolder.
  • London: Rock and roll at heart, but with just the right exotic flourishes, for a nicely provocative effect.

LOSE 5 POUNDS JUST BY GETTING DRESSED Check out our expert advice on how to look instantly slimmer, with six super-chic and easy-to-pull-together outfits.

ON OUR COVER Hayden Panettiere is on the cusp of the transition from jeans-and-flip-flops teenager to elegant Hollywood actress. "I've only recently been able to try out a bunch of different styles without feeling like I'm dressing beyond my age," says the star. "Right now my style is very frenetic. It seriously changes as quickly as my mood." In addition to playing the invincible cheerleader on the NBC hit Heroes, Panettiere will be seen later this year alongside Julia Roberts in the drama Fireflies in the Garden.

HOW TO WEAR IT NOW AND LATER Start building your spring wardrobe this month: These brand-new and unbelievably versatile pieces transition beautifully - and effortlessly - from winter to spring.

10 TOPS AND 10 BOTTOMS We started with ten blouses, six skirts, and four pants - and came up with dozens of fantastic ensembles. Find out how many cute looks you can build with a few great basics.

THE BEST NEW CITIES TO SHOP From Nashville to Minneapolis to the nation's capital, these up-and-coming spots host a slew of charming stores and amazing under-the-radar finds.

DO GOOD WHILE YOU SHOP Find a slew of must-have items, from sexy gray booties to fire red lipstick, that benefit a terrific charitable cause - heart health and awareness - when purchased between January 4 and March 3, 2008.

DO IT YOURSELF: EASY STEPS TO NO MORE BREAKOUTS At last: the lotions, spot treatments, and in-office procedures that really work, plus the best concealer technique to hide blemishes in the meantime. Our ultra-practical guide to no more breakouts.