Lucky's June issue

DOUBLE-DUTY CLOTHES With just a few styling tweaks, these pieces can go instantly from cute and fun to utterly work-worthy. See how a floral dress, slouchy pants, and a button-front blouse can be the most versatile clothes in your closet.

THE LUCKY SUMMER JEWELRY GUIDE Nine pages packed with every ring, watch, and necklace you'll want this season, including:

  • Gold Fringe: These cascading pieces mix a high-end feel with the loveliest sense of movement
  • Tough Pearls: Paired with tough chains and twisty settings, a feminine look takes on a cool, off-the-cuff glamour
  • Raw Stones: Framed in gold and silver, even the roughest of gems become opulent and ladylike
  • Oversize Watches: Playfully large watches that are still really rich, and bold enough to make a statement

ON OUR COVER "Low-maintenance" and "cover shoot" aren't terms often used in the same sentence, but Amanda Peet, one of Lucky's favorite stars, has always been easy. The funny and beautiful actress needed less than half an hour in hair and makeup, and then announced she'd be happy to wear anything, as long as there was a belt involved. "An outfit is so much cleaner when you can see your waist," she explained. Peet - who plays an FBI agent in the new X-Files movie - got her wish with the gorgeous outfit on this issue's cover. "I'm not big into experimenting," says the 36-year-old actress. "Preppy works for me, and I stick with it." And it's true: She has a talent for combining classic, clean-cut items in a way that always looks great.

THE SEASON'S BEST DRESSES 24 throw-them-on yet truly stunning dress options, including: a belted blouson, strappy sundresses, bold graphics and many more.

THE KEY TO PERFECT SKIN FOR LIFE The news on sunscreen: a surprising update on UV protection, with formulas that really last.

A WEEK'S WORTH OF STYLE An architectural designer shows us seven days' worth of her on-the-go outfits, piece by stylish piece.