Lucky's October issue

WORK ROTATION With a bit of creative mixing, you can spin six key items into an entire wardrobe's worth of professional-chic outfits. See how we assembled over a week's worth of office-ready combinations.

THE LUCKY FALL BAG GUIDE Fourteen pages packed with every bag imaginable! There's something for everyone, whether you're going low-key or utterly glamourous. The newest trends include:
  • Multi-handled bags
  • A mix of suede and patent
  • Cross-body messengers
  • Swingy fringed styles
  • ON OUR COVER Jessica Simpson is embracing her Texas roots with a new country album titled Did You Know, and a laid-back shift in her own style. "T'm feeling do much more relaxed with who I am right now - compared to when I was just starting out - like it's finally okay for me to just like what I like," says the 28-year-old. And lately that means a lot of denim and some accessories splurges. You can't go wrong with a pair of great-fitting jeans and a leather jacket. it's my go-to outfit this season."

    THE NEW KNIT SHAPES This season rethinks knitwear with bold colors, textures and imaginative silhouettes. We styled these amzingly lush looks:

  • Bell-cut sweaters
  • Drapey vest
  • Shaggy sweater
  • Short-sleeved cardigan
  • Double-breasted jacket
  • SECRET INGERDIENT: TIGER GRASS This plant extract that tigers actually roll around in to heal their skin is an herbal antiseptic found in creams, rubs, serums and sprays that works for humans too!

    DEAL HUNTING This month, we're after super-affordable, ultra-sophisticated '20's-inspired pieces that you can wear in up-to-date ways. And we found nearly thirty items perfect to mix and match - all for $150 or less!