Lucky's February issue

MAJOR LOOKS, MINI PRICES It doesn't have to cost a lot to put together an ultra-fashionable head-to-toe outfit! We'll show you six versatile ensembles with endless mix-and-match opportunities, all created on a budget—most pieces are under $100 and nothing costs more than $200!

ON OUR COVER Amanda Seyfried Since her breakout role in Mamma Mia! last summer, Amanda Seyfried has kept busy with upcoming movies like Dear John and the thriller Jennifer's Body—so busy that she confesses it has affected her shopping habits. "I've become an online shopping addict," the 23-year-old actress says with a laugh. "I can get purchases delivered to wherever I am that week." And while the star, who arrived at our Manhattan shoot wearing a cool, undone-feminine look, says she doesn't consider herself especially stylish, her closet is overflowing with chic knit hats and loose, colorful sun dresses. "I just took stock of what I own, and picking up pieces here and there adds up quickly," she explaind.

PLAYING WITH NEUTRALS It's one of our favorite new trends: muted shades of beige, gray, and cream layered together. The result is subdued and sophisticated yet really fresh too—and surprisingly easy for anyone to pull off.

NOW AND LATER No need to wait for warmer weather to take advantage of the most inspiring and adorable spring looks. We have creative styling ideas to make amazing items from the coming season—from a sleeveless shift to a cotton mini—work on even on the coldest of days.

DEAL HUNTING This month, we were on the lookout for bright, fun takes on wear-them-every-day office staples. Check out our budget-friendly picks—every item is $100 or less!

SELF-APPOINTED EXPERT Editor at large Elise Loehnen shares her secrets for keeping her skin smooth and clear: After years of looking for the right routine, she finally discovered an extra-helpful—and surprising—way to ward off her rosacea.