Lucky's January issue

THE NEXT BIG THINGS IN '09 Check this out for a preview of what our editors are most excited about for the coming year, from sure-to-be-huge designers to the best clothing looks. Some of the highlights of this comprehensive guide include oversize '80s earrings, Michael Kors' amazing new line, and the most surprisingly wearable item: the jumpsuit.

ON OUR COVER Rosario Dawson isn't just a gorgeous girl—her career is in full swing, as evidenced by her starring turn opposite Will Smith in the drama Seven Pounds. "The last year has been nonstop," she told us. "I'm pooped." A native New Yorker, Dawson now lives in Venice Beach, California, and has used her downtime between projects to perfect a softer, more feminine West Coast style. "I'm being more thoughtful about my appearance—putting on makeup, doing my hair ... There's something satisfying about sitting down with your coffee and spending time on yourself," she says.

LUCKY'S ACCESSORIES REPORT features two versatile trends:

  • Furry Boots—These wintry staples have a ski-getaway vibe—and are also truly versatile, equally brilliant for a trek around the city.
  • Weekender Bags—Oversize, elegant carryalls that are well suited for two-day jaunts, or just stylishly lugging around your day-to-day items.

DEAL HUNTING This month our editors tracked down practical but cute, reasonably priced items ideal for cold-weather sports. See what we found to make you look your best on the slopes and off.

CLOSET MASH-UP Why keep your wardrobe divided into separate categories when you can multiply your options by switching things up? Our feature on mixing different types of pieces—work, weekend, and evening will get you thinking in a whole new way.

THE REASON WE LOVE LEATHER This luxe (though not always expensive) material creates a look that's exactly right for winter: a little tough, a little glam and entirely sexy. We show you how to wear it in wonderfully modern, easy-to-pull-off ways.

NEW BEAUTY RATIONALIZATION: PRICE PER COLOR When you calculate how much each shade in the great jam-packed palettes we feature in our beauty section would cost on its own, the savings are kind of incredible! Plus, they're so wearable that you'll use them every day—which makes them even more appealing.