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Day 1

Bold Yet Classic
Day 2

Ladylike Sexy
Day 3

Parisian Chic
Day 4

Reinvented Prep
Day 5

Posh Bohemian
Day 6

Nonchalant Crisp
Day 7

Arty Feminine
Day 8

Sharp Gone Girly
Day 9

Evening Cool
Day 10

Elegant Eclectic
Day 11

Menswear-style Slick
Day 12

Urban Nautical
Day 13

Alluring Jet-set
Day 14

Casual Bombshell
Day 15

Clean Contemporary
Day 16

Cozy Meets Flirty
Day 17

Updated All-American
Day 18

Daytime Glam
Day 19

Timelessly Pretty
Day 20

Dramatic Minimalist
Day 21

Playful Gamine
Day 22

Lush and Polished
Day 23

Uptown Funky
Day 24

Citified Sleek
Day 25

Fresh Professional
Day 26

Modern Romantic
Day 27

Refined Earthy
Day 28

Last-minute Party
Day 29

Unfussy Sophisticate
Day 30

Sweetly Edgy
Cowlneck Dress
Suede Coat
Sweater Coat
Patent-Trim Peacoat
Tailored Blazer
Boxy Jacket
Bright Scarf
Silk Scarf
Stove-Pipe Jeans
Cotton Khakis
Wide-Leg Pants
Beaded Necklace
Disc Bracelet
Men's-Style Watch
Stone Ring
Knit Shell
Button-Down Shirt
Striped Pullover
Tie-Waist Shirt
Floral Blouse
V-Neck Cardigan
Sequined Cardigan
Pencil Skirt
Floor-Length Skirt
Plaid Skirt
Corset Belt
Skinny Belt
Oversize Clutch
Pleated Tote
Doctor's Bag
Black Hose
Trouser Socks
Crocheted Tights
Cap-Toe Pumps
Square-Toe Slingbacks
Leather Booties
Knee-High Boots