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At first glance these look glitzy, but once they're on, they're surprisingly demure.
An unexpected mix of chunky and delicate, with a mini disco ball dangling from thick links.
The gently sloping shape gives a chic new twist to stackable bands.
So fun and cocktail-party retro: big old '50s bobs in a kaleidoscope of colors.
A shot of ruby red dresses up matte gold hoops.
Oversize dazzlers made for shining on the dance floor.
Dainty and sweet—very English lady.
A slender 14 karat gold disc, inset with a random sprinkling of amethysts and sapphires.
An opulent update of a classic signet ring.
Weighty and lavishly studded, this offers a lot of luxury in a small package.
An eye-catching hunk of glittering mermaid green balanced by a dark gray hematite band.
A jumble of hues and sizes turns a girly heart into something wild.