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Such an archetype, it should come with a cardigan and a snifter of cognac.
Impeccably designed and Swiss-made, with a dual time-zone function.
We love the graphic schoolroom-clock feel (and day-date feature).
A power version: immaculate lines crossed with an '80s-luxe gold finish.
From an Italian fashion favorite, a very minimalist, European take.
Practical, inexpensive, and lipstick red: a glamour girl's pick.
Three sub-dials in a sleek, take-me-to-my-yacht package.
Restrained and a bit contemporary, thanks to tactile edging on the bezel.
An absolutely sophisticated timepiece that instantly smartens up a whole outfit.
Edgy and substantial, like something a big-deal art director would wear.
Stylish in a just-hinted-at way, with slender markers and a faux-croc strap.
A dressy combination of a warm gold face and a subdued black band.