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Sparkles turn a basic tee into something glamorous and evening-appropriate.
"I like chunky statement jewelry with a handmade feel."
Glass bottles make the most basic drink seem old-school and elegant.
"I use sculptural, brushed metal flatware for both everyday meals and special occasions."
"Combining white dinnerware with my fancy china keeps the vibe casual."
"Even my kids use cloth napkins—colorful ones are ideal for camouflaging stains."
"Simple, graceful flats are my go-to—I can't walk in heels."
The swirling olive-wood grain brings new sophistication to table salt.
Different shades help avoid awkward is-this-my-drink-or-yours? moments.
"Low-maintenance cotton napkins done up in an exuberant Suzani print."
"The pattern here reminds me of the gorgeous tile work you find in Southern Spain."
Strappy and sexy—and the wedge heel means pain-free mingling all night.
"Itty-bitty jewelry is so not my thing—I'll use a strong cuff as the focal point for an outfit."
They're big and they'll get noticed but are still so delicate that they feel refined.
"Perfect for cooking paella or stew—and handsome enough to serve it in."
"I'm big on color. Bright accessories really make the place come to life."
"Muted serape-ish stripes have an exotic throwback quality I love."
"I don't even mind if it gets a couple of stains; I don't like anything too pristine."
"These woodsy serving utensils have such a lovely, earthy vibe."
A soft, sun-faded palette tones down the graphic print.
"Prosecco with blackberries and Cointreau is one of my favorites. I serve it in short stemless glasses—it feels French."
This cuff lends a subtle flash with its vaguely futuristic design.
"I like happy, mellow music—Little Joy and Gillian Welch are just right for a dinner party soundtrack."
The ankle length is ideal for showing off a great pair of shoes.