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We live half our lives in them, and nothing is quite as brilliant as the exact right pair: here, the secret weapons to complement any figure.
Proportion Perfecting

To even out your torso, a low rise with a button detail on the fly gives the illusion of a longer waist.
Butt Enhancing

Flap pockets provide instant volume, and the angled position adds shape.
Butt Minimizing

A slanted yoke defines curves and larger pockets make your backside seem smaller.
Curve Creating

Low-rise pocket details call attention to hips and lend some dimension and skinny ankles give a clean, lean look.
All-Around Flattering
A dark wash with outside contrast seaming draws the eye in to create an overall slimming line while Boot-cut legs even out your silhouette.
Tummy Smoothing

The extra-wide waistband holds you in without causing bulging.