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With a painterly print and cheerfully tropical color, this shoe embodies warm, sunny days.
Chunky jewel embellishments give this muted gray pair a dose of sparkle.
The floral print is sweet and summery, but not cloying, thanks to the brown leather trim.
Trimmed with a matte black bow, this deep jewel-tone blue option is instantly sophisticated.
When done on a round toe in creamy white leather, studs add an air that's polished rather than punk.
A uniquely curvy cut in a statement-making color.
Sprinkled with the tiniest metallic studs, these are priced to be scooped up in multiples.
A streamlined metallic pair complements so many of the season's trends, like military-inspired pieces or soft pastels.
Woven, twisted leather lend these a casual earthiness balanced by the bright hue.
A neutral palette makes this snakeskin print incredibly wearable.
Grommets provide dramatic, rocker-worthy flair.
A wearable version of the quintessential, graceful ballet flat.